Broken Sonnets

May 23, 2013

JoImage2Yesterday Hermione installed our piece, Broken Sonnets at the Pistols and Pollinators Exhibition organised by Accident & Emergence and Katrina Naomi. The exhibition runs all weekend, including an open mic on Monday afternoon, and there is a FREE private view this evening.

Here’s our artists’ statement:

Broken Sonnets

Hermione Allsopp and Anne Welsh

This sculpture questions the linear nature of the stories we tell; their beginnings, endings and contexts within a specific time and space.

The collaborative process has pushed our work in new directions. Our piece has evolved through discussion, visiting each other,  and running a workshop at the Institute of Making (UCL).

When we met at the Albert, we were both drawn to the space.  Hermione works with charity shop objects, so for her the Albert (as a pre-demolition ‘meanwhile space’) has many of the conditions of such an object –  it is transient and used, but still of use to someone.  The old grid of the suspended ceiling is particularly dominant in the room.  It is structural, yet superficial and broken. It was a natural place to start.

Anne was similarly attracted to the many squares in the room which suggested the sonnet form – a fourteen line poem with a ‘turn’ or ‘volta’ at the ninth line in which the proposition of the first eight lines of the poem reaches a resolution in the last six. ‘Broken Sonnets’ plays with this, presenting poems of eight and six lines that can be combined in any order to form and reform a love story between the viewer and the narrator of the text.

Some tiles are designed to reflect poems printed in mirror-writing, and the viewer is invited to move through these fractured glimpses in the way they might through memories, recreating narratives from the perspective of the present.

In the act of sculpting, Anne’s words became like the objects Hermione normally uses as her materials, taken outside the normal two dimensions of the page.  They are a reflected memory that has its own resonance or meaning, staged by Hermione for the viewer to create.

Although it is not essential to experience the text in its entirety, if this is something you would particularly like to do, you can at https://annewelsh.wordpress.com/creative-cuttings/broken-sonnets/ or by scanning the QR code:



Image: Joe Packer

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