1. […] Marginalia Anne Welsh « Pop-Up Exhibition on Tuesday Zine Workshop on Tuesday October 13, […]

  2. this looks really interesting, it was John McKay who was the first student librarian at UCL to begin to collect or catalogue the zine universe, which is in turn part of gay history

  3. Thanks, John. I really love this collection, and I know Liz Lawes, who is responsible for it now, really loves it too.

    Do you know if John McKay was associated with the Alternative Press collection here at UCL as well? His is definitely a name I’ve come across in connection with zines, but I hadn’t realised his connection to UCL (SLAIS, I guess).

  4. […] Following the well-attended pop-up exhibition in October, as part of the wider UCL Festival of the Arts, on Saturday there is a chance to see some different items from UCL’s collection of little magazines and alternative press publications. Slade Librarian Liz Lawes and Department of Information Studies PhD student Sara Wingate Gray have curated a selection of the concrete poetry, and Sara has also designed some bookmarks and an accompanying website, with support from a professional graphic designer. […]

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