Historical Bibliography 2012-13

October 11, 2012

The Autumn term is up and running, and this year’s Historical Bibliography students are getting to grips with some beautiful items. On Monday, Melissa Terras tweeted some of  pictures from Fred Bearman’s book handling session, and prompted a mini-debate on the use of gloves. The rare books community heaved an online sigh of relief when she reassured Katie Birkwood that the gloves were to protect the students’ hands from some of the dirt of ages on a couple of the volumes. Certainly, the second group to come to my session on Bibliography (who had attended book handling first) were full of tales of incunables, beautiful illustrations of shells and fancy bookbindings (more of which they’ll encounter in a fortnight’s time in Fred’s bookbinding practical).

This year we’ve been allocated a nice classroom only a few minutes’ walk from the Science Library (home of UCL Special Collections), which makes it much easier to teach the hands-on work in smaller groups by splitting the class in two for some of the more challenging activities.

If you’re interested in the module for next year (as a short course or as part of the MA LIS, MA Archives, MRes or MA Digital Humanities), there’s a brief overview on this pdf, which is designed to be printed double-sided and gatefolded, as seen at the Rare Books and Special Collections Conference in September.

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