Starting the New Year with Special Collections

January 3, 2012

Last week’s round-up of interesting Special Collections tweets seems to have been quite popular, so here’s another to start the New Year.

UCL and Neighbours

Our Library Special Collections are open today (twitter profile picture showing our portico, left). Neighbouring Senate House Library is open vacation hours, with Special Collections in the Durning Lawrence Library (4th Floor).


The Petrie and the Grant are also open, and have specimens of the week online:

PetrieMuseumFriends, @FriendsOfPetrie, 3 JanFirst Petrie Museum Object of the week for 2012. Partly sculpted profile of Akhenaten or Nefertiti, Amarna c1350BC.


Grant Museum, UCL, @GrantMuseum, 3 JanWhat do you get when you cross a an anteater with a pine cone? This week’s specimen of the week is…


Another neighbour of note moved into Gower Street in 1839:

Home of Darwin, @HomeofDarwin, 1 JanOn this day in 1839, #Darwin moves into his home on 12 Upper Gower street in London


Other Amazing Libraries


Nat. Libraries Day, @NatLibrariesDay, 3 JanHello and happy new year everyone! Let’s kick-start the year with 35 of the most amazing libraries in the world


Smithsonian Libraries, @SILibraries, 2 JanStarting the New Year with something very old: Our oldest bound volume in the Smithsonian Institution Libraries


Smithsonian Libraries, @SILibraries, 3 JanWhat’s the diff btwn a zebra & a quagga? What IS a quagga? Find out in our online exhibition Art of African Exploration


UoR Special Colls, @UniRdg_SpecColl, 3 JanFrom Some are more human than others sketch-book by Stevie Smith pub. Gaberbocchus Happy New Year http://pic.twitter.com/LTnvyfbL


The Women’s Library, @WomensLibrary, 3 Jan. We were on @BBCr4Today yesterday, a feature about the All Work and Low Pay exhibition! Catch it here, around 2hrs43


And finally, a much-anticipated book – essential reading for INSTG012 Historical Bibliography from next year:


Alison Cullingford, @speccollbrad, 3 JanOoh, just got something pink in the post from @facetpublishing – tis actual printed #speccollshandbook !

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