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5 things I learned at RDA11 (London)

April 25, 2011

Once again this year, it was a great privilege to be asked to chair Cilip’s Executive Briefing on RDA. In exactly a month’s time, we will be in Manchester for the repeat event there, with Tom Meehan (UCL) filling the slot Celine Carty (University of Cambridge) filled in London, describing local practice in the build up to the national test’s report.

By way of a brief taster for anyone thinking about attending the Manchester event, here are 5 things I learned in London: Read the rest of this entry ?


Preparing for RDA

April 23, 2011

This is the second year Cilip has held an Executive Briefing on RDA. Both years the sessions in which practitioners share their local practice have been really useful and popular with delegates.

At the London event on 12 April, Celine Carty shared Cambridge University Library’s (CUL) experience so far. Read the rest of this entry ?


What Next for RDA?

February 17, 2011

Bookings are now open for this year’s CILIP Executive Briefings on RDA, which will take place in London on 12 April and in Manchester on 25 May 2011.

I am delighted to be chairing these sessions again, and continue to be impressed by the speed and efficiency with which John Woolley, Jason Russell and the rest of the CILIP Events team have put together the programme.Every one of the people and organisations I suggested on my wishlist have said that they can come, including Beacher Wiggins (Library of Congress), Alan Danskin (British Library), OCLC and Talis.

Everyone in the cataloguing community is eagerly awaiting the report from the US National Test Process for RDA, which is due out in the summer, and so highlights of the event will be updates on progress. As well as news from the Library of Congress, we are delighted that Christopher Cronin has agreed to offer a brief video presentation on the experience at the University of Chicago, which has indicated an intention to continue using RDA after the test period. Alan Danskin will give an authoritative UK perspective, and we have asked some grass-roots cataloguers, including Celine Carty (University of Cambridge) to talk about what has been happening in their institutions with regard to RDA awareness and workflow planning.

I am really looking forward to both sessions now – as well as great speakers, last year’s briefings were a great opportunity to meet friends old and new from the cataloguing community, and I can’t wait to welcome some familiar and some not-so-familiar faces to the events.

The twitter hashtag for this year’s briefings is #rda11


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