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Catalogue & Index Book Review

July 4, 2012

Now that it’s out, I don’t mind admitting that one of the book reviews of which I’ve been most scared but hopeful is the one for Catalogue and Index, the newsletter of Cilip’s Cataloguing and Indexing Group.

In the event, reviewer Katie Flanagan has been extremely kind about Practical Cataloguing, being good enough to “highly recommend reading it, both for novice cataloguers and those trying to work out how RDA will affect their work.”

She writes, “The book is highly readable, and works well reading from cover to cover, although it is also very easy to dip into to find relevant information or examples. It does a good job of covering and explaining the state of flux as few libraries so far have adopted RDA, as well as helpful tips about what to do in the interim.” Outlining the contents she goes on, “One of the most useful features I found was the Practice notes interspersed throughout the text. These highlight cataloguing issues to be aware of, such as where local cataloguing may differ from the theory, the limitations of an LMS or how the implications of taking a decision to move to RDA may affect your records. Some are pitfalls of which the beginner cataloguer should be aware, but others have implications for the whole catalogue.”

As well as being a relief that the review hitting the inboxes of UK cataloguing is a positive one, it’s marvellous to know that Practical Cataloguing is seen as a useful addition to the working library of a well-respected librarian in the sector.

Katie Flanagan (2012). ‘Practical Cataloguing: AACR, RDA and MARC 21 [: Review]Catalogue and Index 167, p.33.


Sample for yourself: download the first chapter of Practical Cataloguing from Facet’s website.


A Cataloguing New Year

January 2, 2012

The world does not stop cataloguing (or catalogue blogging) over the festive season. 2011 ended with Ann Chapman’s last blog post as Secretary of Cilip Cataloguing and Indexing Group Secretary.

Ann (right) has been an important figure in UK cataloguing throughout my career and a member of the CIG Committee for a decade. She was a member of the BIC Bibliographic Standards Group and Chair of the Cilip/BL Committee on the Revision of AACR, which, of course, became the Cilip/BL Committee for the Development of RDA, from which she received a Certificate of Acknowledgement for her work on the GMD/SMD Working Group in 2006. She was also a recipient of the Alan Jeffreys Award – CIG’s highest honour. She retired from her post at UKOLN earlier in the year and there is a lovely article about her work in Bath on the UKOLN website. Read the rest of this entry ?


Planet Cataloging

June 17, 2007

Finally got a chance to update my postings to C&I Blog. Top link of the day has to be Planet Cataloging, “an automatically-generated aggregation of blogs related to cataloging and metadata designed and maintained by Jennifer Lang and Kevin S. Clarke.”

There are a couple of drawbacks and caveats about it that I’ve outlined on C&I Blog and I hope you won’t mind my linking to my post there rather than reposting them here.

On the whole, though, what a handy site.


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